Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Accommodation and Sites Visited in Gujarat and Diu.

From 27/1/10 to 1/3/10 myself and 'er indoors had 5 weeks birding in the Indian State of Gujarat. The following posts are an account of the trip.

Dates and places visited and accommodation -

28/1 - 29/1 Ahmedabad
Stayed at the Hotel Safar Inn in the old city -
Visited Thol Sanctuary and Nal Sarovar.

30/1 - 3/2 Dasada
Stayed at Desert Coursers at Zainabad-
Visited Little Rann of Kutch (several times) and Patdi.

4/2 - 11/2 Bhuj
Stayed at Gangaram Hotel and C.E.D.O. -
Visited Fulay, Chhari Dhand, Sharanath, Banni Grasslands, the Thorn Forest, Mandvi, Dahinsara and Naliya.

12/2 - 15/2 Jamnagar
Stayed at Hotel President -
Visited Valsura, Lakhota Tank and Khijadiya Sanctuary.

16/2 - 18/2 Sassan Gir
Stayed at Gir Birding Lodge.
Visited Gir National Park several times.

19/2 - 1/3 Diu Island
Stayed at Hotel Samrat -
Visited Diu saltpans and Diu Reserve Forest and, being as the rest of Gujarat is a dry state, drank lots of Kingfisher.

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