Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Snipe sp.

Owing to the lack of Birds (and Moths), pulled this out of the archives -
This Snipe was photographed in Goa on 1/3/07, behind the Beira Mar Hotel in Baga. The main feature that stood out on the bird was mainly its size, the bird in question was never seen next to Common Snipe, but is shown on the photos next to Pintail Snipe (the Pintail called as it landed on the marsh). The other feature that was quite noticeable was the thin loral stripe, leading to suggestions of Swinhoe’s Snipe - but Swinhoe’s Snipe seemingly hasn’t been recorded in Goa. It could also be just a big Common Snipe ! It was seen late evening and shortly after the photos were taken, moved off into longer grass and a was never seen again (I looked for the bird most nights until 23/3/07) - any suggestions of the birds I.D. would be appreciated.
The first 3 photos are uncropped, the second 3 cropped to show a bit more detail.

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