Wednesday, 3 March 2010

4th - 12th February Kachchh Area

Moved up from the Little Rann of Kutch to Bhuj, in the centre of the Kachchh District.

Little Rann - Too Good, Too Bad.
Too Good - The owner of Desert Coursers, Mr Dhanraj Malik, extremely helpful and enthusiastic - just give him a list of birds/mammals that you want to see, and a few minutes later there's a driver and a jeep ready to take you to the various sites - 'simplez', also with some of the profits from Desert Coursers he has founded several orphanages in the area. He also gave us his mobile number in case we needed a translator for anything before we left India.
Too Bad - The Mongoose that kept us awake during the first night, as it chased things around in the roof of our cottage. And missing Red-necked Falcon !

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