Wednesday, 3 March 2010

12th - 15th February 2010 Jamnagar.

Moved On from Bhuj down to Jamnagar for a few days.
Bhuj - Too Good, Too Bad.
Too Good - The owner of the Gangaram Hotel, who could manage to sort out any kind of problem you could think of, he even managed to get some Scottish £20 notes changed for us - damn near impossible in the rest of India !
Too Bad - Trying to tell the staff at the hotel that we were going out at 5am the following morning, which they said would be OK, and then finding ourselves locked in ! Also trying to convince the taxi driver, that we didn't give a shit, about all the temples that he constantly tried to take us to.
Incredibly Too Bad - Calling in at Bhadreshwar for a large flock of Crab Plovers and, due to some local political unrest involving the local fisherman, having the dogs set on us and getting chased out of the village !

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