Wednesday, 3 March 2010

30th January - 3rd February 2010.

Moved on to Desert Coursers at Camp Zainabad, glad to be away from Ahmedabad - lots of air pollution.

Ahmedabad - Too Good, Too Bad.
Too Good - The 'tuk-tuk' driver, who picked us up at the airport (Mr Kiritbh), who spent 90 minutes going from hotel to hotel, bartering to get the best possible deal for us (we ended up paying 700 rupees per night for a suite - should have been 1350 a night).
Too Bad - The air pollution in Ahmedabad - at night you can just see the headlights on cars that are only 30 feet away ! And the taxi driver we booked to take us to Dasada, who said - "it is not possible to go here, it doesn't exist", fortunately we had a map, and soon put him straight.

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