Tuesday, 16 March 2010


I presume this Starling in the garden this afternoon is another one of the colour ringed birds from Fair Isle, this is the third CRSG that's been in the garden since 2004 (all winter records - which must mean that at least some Fair Isle Starlings migrate north in the autumm).


Del said...

Hi Steve
Yes, almost certainly one of ours however it should have two colour rings on left leg. Has it lost one or is it hiding further up the leg? Can you keep an eye out for it again.

Steve Minton said...

Hi Del, I'm pretty sure that there is only one colour ring on the left leg, it was in the garden for about 20 minutes preening and getting on the feeders, so I presume that if there was another ring 'stuck' further up the leg I would have been able to see it at some point.