Saturday, 7 March 2015

Neora Valley Main Trail

Now that I knew where I was going, getting in to the Neora Valley was pretty straight forward – just follow the left hand Jeep track. I eventually went up as far as beyond the abandoned cow sheds, stopping for a little while to make a phone call, while I was on the phone a White-tailed Robin appeared on the track – brilliant – phone call over, no sign of the Robin, so I played White-tailed Robin son and calls – nothing! Just as I was about to give up, a bird dropped onto the track 20 feet away, I managed to get my bins on it for a few seconds before it shot up a near vertical slope covered in vegetation, but hold on a minute, there was no white in the tail! And that could only mean one thing – Blue-fronted Robin, a bird that I wasn't very confident about getting at all as they are normally located by song in April, and this one has just responded to the wrong call! Too easy!
After this the rest of the day pretty much fell into the routine of walk a few yards, l listen, scan, continue. The rest of the totals are as follows – 30 Black-faced Warblers, 3 Blue-fronted Redstarts, 2 White-tailed Nuthatch, a cracking male Rufous-breasted Bush Robin, 25 Chestnut-tailed Minla, 40 Black-throated Parrotbills, 31 Scarlet Finch (including 26 together in one tree!), 14 Chestnut-crowned Warblers, 3 Black Bulbuls, 3 Yellow-browed Tits, 21 Striated Bulbuls, 10 Rusty-fronted Barwings, 6 Crested Finchbills, 2 White Spectacled Warblers and 4 Grey-cheeked Warblers.
On the mammal front, bumped into a group of 12 Assamese Macaques, though unlike other Macaques these ones weren't hanging about, as soon as they saw me they were off.

Blue-fronted Redstart

Black-faced Warbler

Black-throated Parrotbills

Grey-cheeked Warbler

Striated Bulbul

Scarlet Finches


Neora Valley - the last photo is where the Blue-fronted Robin was.

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