Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Lava - Three Trails No Birds

Had nearly a full day on three separate tracks, first I started on the Upper Jeep Trail and in three hours all I got was a White-tailed Nuthatch and 2 White-naped Yuhinas. I then dropped down onto the Lolaygaon road, again it was pretty bird-less with just 10 Chestnut-crowned Warblers and 20 Whiskered Yuhinas, though there were about 20 Assamese Macaques as well. Then I dropped onto the pipeline trail, and it just got worse with 12 Striated Bulbuls and 2 Black-faced Warblers. Headed back towards Lava, as the western side of town is supposed to be good for Thrushes at dusk, no sign of any Thrushes, but there were plenty of Ashy-throated Warblers in the hillside scrub.

So after a crap day like that, I did the only reasonable thing to do, I left the light on outside the cabin and went Mothing, I have no idea what any of the Moths were, but one of them is a dead ringer for a Snout of some kind.

Some Moths from Lava

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