Monday, 12 July 2010

Three Days....

As wader passage should be starting anytime now, did the patch three days in a row, checking all the beaches and pools (whats left of them), and the passage has indeed started just very slowly - a few Whimbrel and a Sanderling ! A female Crossbill in the garden on Saturday and a few Swifts and Swallows over the house on a few occasions are the only other thing of note. Still, apart from a screaming north-westerly on Sunday night, it's been pretty sunny and pleasant.

Arctic Tern.


Great Black-backed Gull.

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Moore Patcher said...

Passage has started, just about on your old stomping ground too... Common and Green Sandpipers about for the past 3 days so far... May do a wet one of Friday and see what it brings in.