Wednesday, 14 July 2010


A few mystery moths in the trap over the last few days (as well as lots that were identifiable !).

This one was trapped on the 12/13th July and kinda falls between Small Square Spot and Square Spot Rustic, I am tempted to go for the latter even though it may be about 2 weeks earlier than when I normally start to trap Square Spot Rustics, the lack of a 'double line' near to the base of the forewings seems to eliminate Small Square Spot.

This one seems to be a Dusky Brocade, although it is 2-3mm smaller than others that have been trapped and a little bit lighter in colouration.

This one , also trapped on 12th/13th, is a complete mystery, the only thing that comes close is some kind of very weird looking Ingrailed Clay - reckon this one needs to be sent off for analysis.

Magpie Moth - trapped on the night of 13th/14th, this is the 9th Magpie that I've trapped this year (none at all last year).

Sunset over Quendale Bay sometime over the weekend.

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Alastair said...

I've been trapping quite a few of the Small-square Spot type of late too (West Mainland, Orkney) I've gone for Small-square Spot with these but I could easily be wrong (I'll post pictures on my blog shortly). I was a bit over-whelmed on night of 12th July, took me the best part of three hours to go through the trap and I gave up on the micros and just let them go. Weather has not been great last few day so intend to trap tonight. I'm not expert enough to help with your mystery moth but I could point a couple of folk in your direction, they may be able to help.