Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Cico Buff.

Highlights of the last week or so include a Small Dotted Buff trapped on the 25th (approx the 10th record for Shetland) and a Micro sp on the 24th that looks like it's going to need to bent away for I.D. The first Northern Rustics of the autumn are starting to appear, as are White-line Darts.

Small Dotted Buff

Northern Rustic

Micro sp.
2G2B -
Too Good - If you are bored of scanning through the same old stuff day after day, with very little reward, and long to find that overdue patch rarity, don't worry - just Argos it (see here).
Too Bad - The BP 'damage limitation' machine is now in overdrive, with TV adverts and poster campaigns as well as bringing in a new, American, CEO - Bob Dudley (pity that this isn't the same Mr Dudley !)

I'm not sure about the poster campaign !

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