Wednesday, 7 July 2010


Having lost broadband for a few days (and told by the bt helpline that it was a fault with my computer and not bt, even though everyone else in south mainland also had no broadband !). Now connected again (obviously), time for a bit of an update - still sod all about ! other than the odd Swift over the house and a fly-over Crossbill on the 30/6. Still pretty quiet on the Moth front too, though Lobesia littoralis was a garden tick.

Dusky Brocade.

Eana Osseana

Lobesia Littoralis
And just for the sake of it, this is Indian Moon Moth (missing its 'tails'), I rescued this Moth from being eaten alive by Mango Ants in Goa 2007.

Indian Moon Moth (Actias Selene)

Broadband is restored to South Mainland by a crack team of bt engineers !

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