Wednesday, 23 June 2010


Having got adequate views of the Velvet Scoter in West Voe yesterday (but in Gary's side of the bay, not the Scatness side), another attempt to get it on the patch year-list was in order. Arriving at West Voe car park, the bird was in the same place as yesterday, just off Jarlsof and so nowhere near being on the Scatness side. As the bird was fairly close inshore, I decided to walk around and try to get some 'smudges', however by the time I'd walked to the south side of the bay, the bird took flight and landed in the patch just off Scatness - good for the year-list but crap for photos - another mad dash around to Scatness and the bird had swam back to where it was originally !

Velvet Scoter.

Ringed Plover.
2G, 2B.
Too Good - The commentators on the BBC's coverage of England v Slovenia, having a bit of a jibe at John Terry - "Terry knows how to concentrate on the job in hand" and "Terry standing firm, a trait that he's become known for" ! And then Mark Lawrenson's off the cuff comment "for the fans, watching England play is a good cure for constipation !"
Too Bad - Someone finds a Bridled Tern in Northumberland and the gets page after page of shit thrown at them on Nerdforum for not putting news out instantly and not knowing who to tell about it ! see here

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