Thursday, 17 June 2010

Little fluffy clouds.

No surprise that there's sod all about, though a full summer Black-throated Diver was in front of the house at tea time. The bird was just off shore, about 30 yards out, so with this in mind went down to the beach with the camera - good plan - apart from the arsehole dog walker, who decided to throw rocks into the sea for his dog to chase, not surprisingly the Diver bogged off out to sea and landed somewhere near Lady's Holm. A nice display of clouds/sunset etc at about 11pm (hippy shite).

Too Good, Too Bad
Too Good One - Le Justice - France 0 - Mexico 2 - a bit of justice for the ' cheese eating surrender monkeys' after the dodgy way they qualified ! Maybe Ireland should be twinned with Mexico now !

A Mexico fan celebrates in Dublin.
Too Good Two - Message on Birdguides today - 14:22 - 17/06/10
'Further to the earlier report of Great White Egret in Suffolk, birders should note that the large egret viewable on a small pool from the Needham Market-Stowmarket train is in fact plastic.'
Since when has a bird being 'plastic' stopped anyone !?
Too Bad One - South Korea 1 - Argentina 4, although it's a relief that a team is actually playing football now, instead of a 90 minute kickabout and a draw, we could do without the Argies hitting any kind of form.

'Manager' Maradona celebrates his teams 4-1 win as only he can !
Too Bad Two - Dog walkers - sod off from Scatness ! Go somewhere else, like Grutness Beach or the Pool of Virkie !

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