Monday, 7 June 2010

Aura Borealis

After bemoaning the crapness of Scatness this spring (well sort of), with 4 Common Cranes flying over at 9am, not sure from which direction they came in on - picked them up flying north-west out to sea over Lady's Holm, they eventually turned back and started heading north past the cliffs of Fitful Head, finally lost them behind a hill near Quendale. The rest of Scatness was, as usual, quite devoid of anything, with just a few Sanderling and a Whimbrel. Another highlight (if you can call it that !) was at least one, probably two, possibly three 'borealis' Eiders in West Voe - one bird showed the rounded lobes, orangey bill and noticeable sails, another bird showed the rounded lobes, a not quite so orange bill (but definitely not green) and smaller sails, and the third bird showed slightly rounded lobes (though more rounded than the 'mollisimas' next to it), a faded orangey bill and no sails.

'borealis' Eiders

Common Cranes

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