Thursday, 3 June 2010

It's Grim Up North.

Owing to the fact there was sod all at Scatness (just a female Chaffinch and a pair of Linnets), a trip up north to Unst for the Black Stork was in order. The bird was initially in the burn at Burrafirth and then decided to fly all over the place getting mobbed by Bonxies and Oycs. Better views than the 2008 Ronas Hill bird, with a couple of fairly close fly-bys.
A brief stop on the way home for a quick look at the Hybrid thing at Sandwater, to see what the fuss was about - and well, it is a very odd looking thing that seems to be a Pochard x Pintail !

Black Stork.

Hybrid Duck.




Silas said...

Wow... those pics with a bonxie chasing a black stork are awesome? Has it departet? I'm looking for it here at the Faroes...

Steve Minton said...

Hi Silas, apparently it flew off high to the west this morning (4th), so may well be heading your way

Silas said...

Saidly it does not seem to come. But perhaps there's still hope. Quite a few common warblers and a red-breasted flychatcher have been around the last days... In case you don't know I have a blog (in scandinavinan):

Steve Minton said...

The Stork came back, still you've had Baird's Sand this spring, which is better than a kick in the eye ! All i've managed to get on my two visits to the Faroes is a Crossbill and a Pom Skua.
I've now put a link to you blog on, Google translates it fairly well.