Wednesday, 1 December 2010


With the patch now completely frozen, a 2 hour walk produced pretty slim pickings. The good thing is that Scatness has a couple of freshwater springs, that remain flowing, even in pretty harsh weather, a walk along them today produced a Water Rail and a Jack Snipe in one and a Moorhen in the other. Around the rest of the patch and everything seemed to be on the seaweed covered beaches - a total of 157 Snipe (most of them on Moast Beach), 2 Golden Plovers and 30 Wigeon. The Robin and Chaffinch remain in the garden and a Turnstone has now joined the Starlings in the garden.

Turnstone (on the garden fence).


Golden Plover.

The Patch, with Fair Isle in the distance.

1 comment:

Auld Rasmie said...

Dunno about the weather, but that Snipe looks COLD around the rear end.