Wednesday, 7 April 2010

A Small Trickle.

A few migrants have finally made it to Scatness, and it is just a few - the first Great Skua of the year was in Quendale Bay, scaring the crap out of the Gannets, 4 Pied and 1 White Wagtail around West Voe car park and a new Goldcrest in the garden. About 130 Purple Sandpipers are still around Scatness - typical count for mid winter rather than early April - still the wind has dropped and it's now quite sunny, proper Spring can't be far away.


Purple Sandpiper.
Too Good, Too Bad -
Too Good - The two German women who, earlier this week, tried to smuggle a corpse onto a plane at Liverpool, they said "we thought he was just asleep". More here. I know some people try to get out of Scouseland by any means possible, but this is taking it a bit far !!!
Too Bad - Tiger Woods - the story that is constantly being aired (slow week for sports news, I think) seems to be that of a golfer, who's not played golf for a while, and is now playing golf ! It all goes back to when he had a couple of affairs - so what - his name's Tiger, how do you expect a guy with that name to behave !!!

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