Tuesday, 27 April 2010

.....and Justice for all.

Justice at last, news of the Red Kite at Cunningsburgh at dinner time had me heading north again, at least most of the mist had gone today but heavy rain was just around the corner, so confidence wasn't too high. As it turned out it was all pretty easy - saw the bird over the hill side pretty much straight away as it was being mobbed by Ravens and some Hooded Crows and occasionally saw it perched on the fence posts at the top of the hill, this scenario continued for some time before, yet again, it lifted into the returning mist.
Back at Scatness it was year-ticks galore - a House Martin along the cliffs, 7 Swallow and 6 Sand Martin at the back of the Loch, Arctic Skua over the house and a Common Tern at Scord Beach. The Canada Goose, from a few days ago, returned and the 5 Barnacles, the Brent and 28 Pink-feet remain. A Blackcap and a Willow Warbler were present in the garden and a female Merlin flew past late afternoon.

Red Kite.

Canada Goose.

Great Northern Diver.


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