Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Gutter Geese.

Scatness was positively overwhelmed with Geese today. A text from the Bell at 7am, saying there was a Canada Goose in West Voe, got me out of bed, but on getting there the bird had gone ! Went around to the Loch at Scatness and a quick scan revealed no geese at all, but after only a few minutes, the Canada flew in from the south with 5 Barnacle Geese - 2 patch year-ticks before breakfast ! The Barnacles then spent the rest of the day in the field in front of the house, along with 236 Pink-footed Geese. Presumably all these Geese were heading for Iceland, until they hit strong north-westerlies and volcanic ash clouds, and chickened out and ended up on Shetland. Also at Scatness today were a Carrion Crow, a Pergrine and a Collared Dove, most frustrating was a small Redpoll sp in the garden for a few seconds, before sodding off to god know's where.

Canada Goose with Barnacles.

Pink-footed Geese.

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