Sunday, 31 May 2009


Very little wind and constant sunshine all day made it feel almost like the Med ! The day started with what was to be just a quick scan from the Garden, looking north towards Quendale to see if I could finally get the Honey Buzzard on the house-list, after scanning for a few minutes, picked up a raptor flying towards me, but still miles away. After dashing inside to get the 'scope, the bird had got a bit closer, however, once in the 'scope it turned out to be the White-tailed Eagle and not the HB ! After getting as close as Exnaboe, the bird then turned around and flew back north out of sight.
Finally got to the end of the Scatness road, just as a Warbler disappeared into the 'Subalp' Roses, as I stopped to try and push it out to get some views of it, shockingly, an Otter came out instead ! Managed to get some views in the end of a Marsh Warbler, as it showed on and off, but was singing quite often. Later in the day 6 Canada Geese flew past the house towards the Loch.
A Grey Wagtail was on the house roof at 10pm.
Several Painted Ladies and Silver Ys on the wing.

Canada Geese.


Painted Lady.

Silver Y.

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