Monday, 11 May 2009

Back Home into Chaos.

Left Fair Isle at 6am on the Good Shepherd, getting into Lerwick at 10.20 - a lot smoother than yesterday's trip with close views of Seabirds on the way. Got back to Sumburgh at about 11.30, jamming straight into the White-tailed Eagle, soaring high over Fitful Head and eventually disappearing into the clouds. The 2 Black Duck were on the Loch at Scatness (patch tick) and eventually made it onto the House List in the afternoon (164), the day ended with an adult summer Franklin's Gull near Sullom Voe (found by the Assassin) loosely associating with the Black-headed Gull colony before flying off into the hills. All in all - quite a hectic 2 days !

Guillemots from the Good Shepherd.

White-tailed Eagle (honest !)

Franklin's Gull.

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