Tuesday, 21 September 2010

No Apologies.

A bit of a clear out around the patch, but the few things that I did come across showed very well, so no apologies for the amount of photos. A new technique for getting good views of warblers in the garden seems to be - empty the moth trap of moths and loads of crane flies into the roses in front of the living room window, half hour later, Barred Warbler shows very well ! (the third one in the garden this autumn).The Lapland Buntings were showing very today too and were up to 26 birds, before 20 of them flew off high towards Compass Head with a load of Skylarks. The surprise of the day goes to an Otter, which came bounding towards me on the cliff tops whilst I was going through the Larks and Pipits (not sure who was most surprised, me or the otter), eventually it noticed me and headed off down a Geo and promptly went to sleep ! A bit of new migration going on with 9 Swallows heading south, and Black-tailed Godwit and Ruff around the Loch.

Lapland Buntings.

Barred Warbler.


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