Monday, 27 September 2010

Damage Inc.

A few new birds coming into the patch after the light south easterlies last night, the first being a Brambling (year ticked at last !) and a Lesser Whitethroat in the garden. Of 3 Wheatears that were out on the headland, at least one was definitely a new bird, as it was an albino ! At least 33 Lapland Buntings remain in the thistle field (the cause of much controversy today - see below).

Lesser Whitethroat.

Albino Wheatear.

Lapland Bunting (showing well to all).
Believe it or not, the group below are an organized tour visiting Shetland ! Presumably on their way back from seeing Lapland Buntings, you would think that a tour leader would be more responsible than to take a group of people over somebodies garden wall !!! Unfortunately I was too far away to say anything to them (probably just as well !), but the householder is far from happy with events like this, and as a straight talking Yorkshireman, if he witnesses something similar I can see a certain amount of spleen venting occurring ! Previous birds in Brian's' garden have been 2 Bluetails and several Subalpine Warblers and he has always been most helpful to both visiting birders and locals alike and has always shown a great interest in what all the fuss is about. Incidents like this give a bad name to all birders and will lead to access being refused or restricted, I think most locals at the moment think that we're all just a bit daft and harmless, but with things like this happening, most folk (quite rightly) will be worried about us causing damage (remember Scillies in the mid eighties ?!).

For those wishing to see the Laps - here's a map - as you can see there is no need to climb on anybodies wall, or go through anybodies garden.


Jason said...

Not for the first time either. A consequence of having birds around.

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