Saturday, 28 August 2010


A text mid morning from Mr Palin, alerting me to some decent birds, dragged me from my bed and eventually got me out onto the patch (a full evening in the pub the night before followed by nearly a full bottle of vodka with the infamous Mr Robertson didn't help !). A full 'walkabout', and eventually the birds in question performed admirably - 3 Lapland Buntings around the stone walls, plus another one flying about calling around the headland (at least 6 birds present earlier in the day). It seems like we've jumped straight into October - Lapland Buntings in August - I've not even seen a Redstart this year yet !
Couldn't be arsed doing the rest of the patch with the hangover from hell, the only other thing of note was 3 Swallows moving south.

Lapland Buntings.


Dougie Preston said...

Stunning Bunting shots, well done. Looks like it was worth draging your arse out of bed for eh!

Steve Minton said...

Cheers Dougie, Have a good kick around Yell, there must be some Laps lurking somewhere, they seem to be everywhere else, from shetland to scilly