Sunday, 17 January 2010

Iceland Gull.

Now that everywhere seem to have thawed out, there were new year-ticks to be had on the patch - an Iceland Gull, 3 Tufted Duck and a Moorhen on the Loch, and a couple of Black-headed Gulls on the sea, taking the patch year-list to 53. Also at Scatness were - 2 Golden Plover, 9 Goldeneye, 40 Snow Buntings and 7 Wigeon.

Tufted Ducks.

Hooded Crow.

Black-headed Gull.

Iceland Gull (showing some symptoms of ' Kumlien's' Gull).

Too Good, Too Bad.
Too Good - The Rozzers using riot shields as sledges last week - - nice to see that public money isn't being wasted !!!!!
Too Bad - The Flybe January sale - the only sale in the world where the price actually goes up ! (normal flights from Sumburgh to Aberdeen about £50 ish - sale price £130 !!!!)

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Mark said...

Flybe = BASTARDS. Return flight to Shetland from Birmingham price £72 after taxes, baggage handling and air supply £165!!!!