Tuesday, 25 August 2009

The Garden.

As the Autumn 'proper' will soon be upon us, here's a quick summary of what my garden has to offer for the expected migrants. The garden seems to have really matured over the last two summers, and now looks like a true migrant trap. I started to plant the garden up in 2004 with some 500 Roses and a few Willows, since then I've added Sycamore, Alders, Larch, Bush Honeysuckle, Whitebeam and a few Brambles, as well as patches of Nettles and Dock, Mustard gets sown annually in any bare patch of soil. A few trees still die each year - not surprising given the strength of the gales in winter - but these are soon replaced.

The Upper Garden - this used to be the veg patch, but as trees are more low maintenance than Cabbages, it was soon planted up. This is the area favoured by the Icterine Warblers this week.

The Front Garden - This area gets the worst of the weather, but, if there are any birds flitting around in there, they usually show well from the living room window.

The Plantation - Not exactly 'forestry commission', but has held at least 2 Long-eared Owls, several Red-backed Shrikes, Several Barred & Yellow-browed Warblers Woodcock and Long-tailed & Great Tits.

The Feeding Area - Much loved by Bramblings and Siskins in Spring and Autumn, has had Yellowhammer (twice) and Tree Sparrow (once), no Hawfinches yet !

This is pretty much how it looked when I moved in - not a tree in sight.

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