Friday, 3 February 2017

Mr Piggy Eyes

Not a reference to the fascist cockwomble Mr Trump, but to the 1w Glaucous Gull that is still around Scatness. Cheap bread from Tesco again last night, so another Gull feeding session at Moast Beach, as well as the Glauc, there was a 1w Iceland Gull coming and going, a rather dark 1w Herring Gull (presumably one of the dark things that occur on Iceland) and a 2w Lesser Black-backed - I can't recall ever seeing a second year LBBG on Shetland, I have seen the occasional 1w bird in winter before and 'not quite adult' birds in the summer, so this bird coming in was totally unexpected.
Glaucous Gull
2w Herring Gull
Near adult Herring Gull
Dark 1w Herring Gull
Iceland Gull
Lesser Black-backed Gull

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