Tuesday, 11 October 2016

What a carry on

Over to Bressay for the Black-faced Bunting at Gunnista, and I've never seen a bird that was so flighty, I only managed to see it on the deck twice in 5 hours, once on a fence near a garden for about 2 seconds and again on a dung heap for about 3 seconds, though I did get some pretty good flight views, probably about 20 in all (see map below). A few other birds around - Little Bunting in the crop, Redstart that seemed to turn up pretty well everywhere the BFB was, and a Blackcap and a Robin around the house. 2 Otters were down at the shore.
Black-faced Bunting
The approx. flights of the Black-faced Bunting covering about 4 hours

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Unknown said...

I guess it hasn't found some place that it likes yet. Normally they are grovellers in damp undergrowth - the Virkie willows would be perfect. Still at least you got to see it.