Friday, 13 June 2014

Not Unlucky for Some !

I'm not superstitious at all, so Friday the 13th's are a quite meaningless to me, but today can only go down as lucky. Got home from work at 7:15 this morning to hear an 'Acro' singing away in the garden, after a quick dash into the house for bins and camera, came out of the front door to hear the beast again - initial suspicions confirmed - Blyth's Reed Warbler. Typically the bird was a bit of a skulker, but showed well on occasion - especially with a bit of 'playback', the bird was still singing away by the time I left for work at 4:45 this afternoon. Amazingly that makes 3 Blyth's Reed on Shetland today - this one, one a couple of miles up the road (in Harv's garden) and one on Fair Isle.

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