Saturday, 3 March 2012

Stalag Top Slip

Arrived at Top Slip late afternoon to find there was nowhere to stay, after a bit of arguing there was somewhere to stay ! Late afternoon around the complex got 1 Oriental Honey Buzzard, 1 Black Eagle, 5 Alpine Swifts, 1 Great Hornbill, 1 Peregrine and 15 Nilgiri Langurs. In the evening Jerdon's Nightjar and Oriental Scops' Owl were calling. The following morning the shite hit the fan, we were told we had nowhere to stay, but they would show us Wynaad Laughingthrush for a price - 500 rupees each, and then get out of the park ! So we just left and ran for the border !
Nilgiri Langur
On the way out of Top Slip

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