Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Multiple Entries

Barred Warbler
A Barred Warbler in the garden was showing stupidly well this morning, it turned up yesterday and gave reasonable views, but today it was proper posing.
As it was in the rain yesterday

and today, posing away

Stalking the Owl
Out on the patch and I picked up a Short-eared Owl on a pile of rocks in the middle of a field, a bit too far away to get a descent shot, so I tried to stalk it across an open area along a fence, and amazingly it just dropped off the rocks onto the ground and fell asleep !

Distant, then sleeping, and then it heard the shutter going off

Elsewhere on the patch - 2 Swallows and 15 Pink-footed Geese (2 over the house and 13 over the loch.


John Hague said...

Steve, an interesting looking Short-eared. Given the weather patterns I wonder whether that is a bird from North America or Greenland? flammeus breeds across the holarctic but looking at Sibley Northern birds are distinctly darker and the females darker still. Any thoughts?

Steve Minton said...

The only ones i've seen in the states were in alaska, and those birds looked very grey and washed out !