Monday, 29 August 2011

Jesus H Corbett...

....what's going on ? Out on the patch today, on a mission to find Curlew Sandpiper for the year-list. Started off on Scord and Sanblister Beaches, where there were 3 Little Stints - this would normally constitute a good count at Scatness, where Little Stint is just about annual ! Carrying on around the patch and another 7 Little Stints around the Loch, in fact as the day went on, every bit of a puddle seemed to have 1 or 2 Little Stints on it - 3 hours on the patch and 25 Little Stints !!!!
More species of wader were also seen - 5 Curlew Sands, a Greenshank, 7 Sanderling, 36 Dunlin and a Spotted Redshank.
Elsewhere around the patch - a stunning Grey-headed Wagtail, a Willow Warbler, 2 Arctic Terns and a Pied Flycatcher. All this after a weekend of northerly gales !

Little Stints

Curlew Sands


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