Sunday, 26 June 2011

More Moffs

Another quiet week around the patch, with just a Common Whitethroat singing in the garden today.
On the moth front, a third for Shetland ! An Elachista argentella trapped on the 20th.

Elachista argentella

Who knows ?!!!  see comments
Blastobasis lacticocella - numbers building up in the trap about 2 weeks earlier than last year

Ingrailed Clay - and a whack looking one at that


The Leicester Llama said...

The 'Eana penziana' is actually one of the Eudonia species (a Pyralid) - I don't know which ones occur in Shetland, but they're near impossible to ID anyway!


Steve Minton said...

Hi Andy - just been looking at the shetland moth list and the only 'Eudonia' on there is 'Eudonia angustea' and that's not supposed to be out until August, but I'll take your word for it.

Rob said...

Eudonia alpina would be my considered stab in the dark

The Leicester Llama said...

It's not angustea - that's a different shape, long and thin. The other alternative is one of the Scoparias, but these are also very tricky to ID to species.

No reason of course why it's not an unrecorded species for Shetland - I seem to remember looking a moth of Rob's that I thought was probably Eudonia lineola, so it may well occur. Worth hanging onto if you get another one and get it gen detted. Rob usually sends a load of micros to Jon Clifton at the end of the season.

Steve Minton said...

scoparia ambigularis ?