Friday, 29 April 2011

Bandwagon Special

So Kate Middleton is following in Diana's footsteps, inheriting her sapphire engagement ring.

I wonder what she'll do for her hen night?
One of those foreign city weekend packages, perhaps?
She could go and get smashed in Paris !

Prince Harry is gutted at not being invited to the wedding.
Apparently it's family only !

So William and Katie are to marry today.
The same day as Adolf Hitler's wedding anniversary. Nice to see The Queen honouring her home country's most famous leader.

The Dartford Tunnel was closed for four hours yesterday while staff searched for Kate Middleton's engagement ring which she had accidently thrown out of the car window.
Ms Middleton said later. "I was driving through the tunnel, when the car pulled slightly to the left, & I just panicked"


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