Friday, 21 January 2011

The Big Smoke

Most of the day was spent in the big smoke that is Lerwick (ok maybe not so much big smoke, more like dying embers !), in between various bits and pieces, this 3rd year Iceland Gull was on the fish market roof.

Iceland Gull


PeteK said...

Hi Steve, nice pics.I`m sure its just a trick of the light but the Iceland looks like its got some Kumliens type markings on the outer webs of the primaries even in the perched pic.
Just shows how the light can give a false impression in pics sometimes,
cheers, Pete

Steve Minton said...

Hi Pete, not just a trick of the light, lots of the Iceland Gulls up here seem to show some 'symtoms' of Kumliens, but in 8 years I've only seen 2'proper'classics (an adult and a first year) - Steve