Sunday, 14 November 2010

Return of the King

The plan was to thoroughly do the patch before the Grand Prix started, but this didn't happen, as I started at West Voe, the King Eider was showing pretty damn well about 50 yards offshore, so it seemed prudent to take advantage of this (a Common and 3 Velvet Scoters also in West Voe). So after about 90 minutes of pissing around with the camera headed back home, and on the way finding the surprise bird of the day - a Black Redstart, which was being chased about the place by a Robin, adding to this a Waxwing turned up in the garden as well - a pretty decent day for very little effort ! Especially as the King Eider has been over the other side of the Voe for the last few days (and therefore not on the patch !).


King Eider.

Common Scoter.
Black Redstart.
2G, 2B -
Too Good - Seeing Vettel get the drivers world championship, anyone would have done as long as it wasn't the moaning Spaniard !
Too Bad - A bit of 'heart in mouth' stuff seeing Schumacher almost get decapitated in the first lap, I know the man can be something of a prick at times, but the incident was pretty bloody close to being a blood bath !

Don't lose your head !

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kozetland1 said...

Dont you mean that cheating spanish bast@rd.. Excellent end to the season.