Sunday, 24 October 2010

North Wind.

With a north wind now blowing, there's little change as to whats on the patch, apart from a few winter birds arriving. 75+ Long-tailed Ducks are in West Voe, up to 28 Lapland Buntings are still about, 14 Whooper Swans are on the Loch, 2 Robins and a Song Thrush are knocking around and 3 Common Redpolls are still here.

Lapland Bunting.

Long-tailed Ducks.

Tail less Meadow Pipit.


Common Redpoll.



Moore Patcher said...

TWENTY EIGHT Lapland Bunting??? That's just plain greedy. Need just one of those for the patch list if you could send one down this way lol! Now on 136 for the year on your old stomping ground with yesterday's Firecrest. How's the Shetland year list looking? I'm seriously beginning to consider that the 140 is up for grabs here this year...

Steve Minton said...

Hi Mark - the Scatness year list is now on 146, with Scaup and Waxwing this week. It may be worth you walking through the marsh from halfway house to opp the ferry inn for the outside chance of Lap Bunt (and Water Pipit)or the top of the capped tip (if there are any areas left that have not had a load of trees planted)