Friday, 28 May 2010


The Scatness wasteland lived up to this spring's expectations by producing next to nothing at all this morning, the 2 House Martins were still there and the Black-tailed Godwits were too (though now down to 3 birds) and that was the lot ! It's bad news that, in a spell of light south-easterlies at the end of May, when Kittiwake pictures start appearing.

Too Good - Late this afternoon the power was cut off at Scatness for a couple of hours, on phoning Scottish-Hydro, their excuses were just too good to be true "Yes, Mr Minton, we can see on our computer that the electricity supply to your area has been broken, this is due to a tree falling onto the power lines in the high winds". 2 problems with this, 1 - it's not been windy today and 2 - there aren't any trees !
Too Bad - A rather long winded series of text messages this morning discussing the 'hot news' of a hybrid duck at Sandwater that's been there over a year ! Seems that nobody can is certain of the birds parentage, though, looking at the photo, I have my suspicions -

The Sandwater Hybrid
Of course, hybrid ducks are not that uncommon, as they seem to mate with anything around and can produce some quite odd looking offspring !


kozetland1 said...

Youre loosing it Steve....but it was funny.

Steve Minton said...

Loosing it ? Me ?! The way this spring is going, I wouldn't be surprised if Scatness ends up being twinned with Hungerford ! :)