Tuesday, 11 November 2008

November 11th 2008. Hume's Warbler.

Spent the whole day on Bressay, started off at Gorie - 1 Long-eared Owl, 5 Fieldfare and a Robin, then checked various other birdless sites, finishing up at Gardie House. Found Hume's Warbler while Gary was trying to get better views of a Water Rail around the pond. the Hume's was pretty elusive, but was calling a fair bit and responded immediately to an ipod (didn't respond at all to Yellow-browed calls or - due to Gary's DJ skills - Radde's Warbler or Rufous Woodpecker !!).
Also at Gardie - 2 Robins, 2 Water Rail and a Chiffchaff.
Gary's photo's of the Hume's can be seen here -

Hume's Warbler.
Long-eared Owl.

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