Tuesday, 17 June 2008

June 17th 2008. Alaska.

Early morning spent on the tundra, between Paxson and Tangle River, on the Denali Highway, then birded the Richardson and Glenn Highways back to Eagle River.

Belted Kingfisher, Willow Grouse, Hudsonian Whimbrel, American Tree Sparrow, Smith's Longspur (3), Lapland Bunting, American Golden Plover, Long-tailed Skua, Grey-cheeked Thrush, Short-eared Owl, Arctic Warbler, Fox Sparrow, Savanna Sparrow, Red-necked Phalarope and Least Sandpiper on the Tundra.

Bald Eagle, Harlan's Hawk, Three-toed Woodpecker, Pine Grosbeak (3),Pacific Diver (pair), Waxwing, Rusty Blackbird (2), Rough-legged Hawk, Solitary Sandpiper and Western Wood Peewee along the Richardson Highway.

Hawk Owl (2), Bald Eagle, Rough-legged Hawk and A Starling along the Glenn Highway.

Smith's Longspur & Savanna Sparrow.

Rough-legged Hawk & Pine Grosbeak.

Lont-tailed Skua.

Lapland Bunting & Bald Eagle.

Hudsonian Whimbrel.

Grey-cheeked Thrush.
Glenn Highway & American Tree Sparrow.

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