Monday, 2 January 2006

Previous Top Tunes

Week Ending - 19th Nov - Peace Sells... - "I wanna watch the news !", " This is the news !"
Week ending 12th Nov - Sunshine of Your Love - not the version that you were expecting ! Mega destruction of a so called classic.
Week ending 5th Nov - "Quote, Unquote" - The best Patten project in the world ...probably !
Week ending 29th Oct - Seek and Destroy - how very apt !
Week ending 22nd Oct - Can god fill teeth ? - Jello at his best !
Week ending - Fri 15th Oct - Constantinople - A completely mad song and video by one of my favourite bands - prepare to be dazzled !
Week ending - Fri 8th Oct - You Shook me all Night Long - Hilarious video !
Week ending Fri 1st Oct - L.A. Woman needs no description - Awesome !
Week ending Fri 24th - my name is mud
Week ending Fri 17th - Institutionalized - utterly classic video featuring the late, legendary Jack Nance !
Week ending Fri 10th - Jesus Built My Hotrod

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