Saturday, 31 December 2011


December was crap, that's probably why it's took me so long to do any kind of an update ! On the patch there was a Shelduck on the 5th and a Greenland White-front on the 18th and a single Pink-footed Goose was around for most of the month. The month was salvaged with a Shetland tick though - a 'tumble dried' Desert Wheatear in Lerwick on the 12th.

Pink-footed Goose


A few highlights from November -

Buzzard - over the patch on the 27/11, not only a year tick, but a patch tick !

The Great Tit remained in the garden until the 20/11.

Scaup, Gadwall, Pochard and Goldeneye - a nice selection for such a small Loch.

Short-eared Owl - 1-3 birds around the patch until the 19/11.

White-fronted Geese - 4 birds on the marshy bit behind the loch on 13/11 and 19/11.

A few other highlights were - Green-winged Teal on the 19/11 and a flyby Lapland Bunting on the13/11.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Thursday, 8 December 2011


There will be an update soon, when I can be bothered ! in the meantime here's some mad Arabs -